Artist Statement

I am blessed to be able to create sculptural work that combines decorative and unusual components. Most recently, my pieces have expanded to include the creation of sound. The beads, beadwork, sound, and braiding add a mathematical element to the art, which intellectually challenges the viewer. How many strings are in the braid? How are the sounds created? How does the musician incorporate the sound into a musical form? Does the bead pattern repeat evenly? The only way to discover the work is to touch it, move it, play it, and view it from all angles.

The ability to make sound with my pieces augments the sculptural form adding tension and a kinetic element. Each piece has a unique sound. To hear the sound requires the piece to move. In some pieces, it is obvious how the sound is made and in others, it is a secret to be discovered. All can be defined as instruments of music as well as sculpture. The movement of the artwork becomes part of the sculptural form and the sound making determines how the piece is moved.

I pay homage to Diane White who holds a Masters in Art education from Marshall University and has provided valuable inspiration to me as a teacher and mentor. I was graduated from Denison University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors and awarded a Teaching Fellowship. Since graduating, making art of many forms has been a constant in my life.

Barbara Harris Walker (304) 549-6351